"Amorous Maswanganyi has a big smile to match his generous heart.  This talented young artist captures in wood, the cultural issues erupting from the space where modern and traditional South Africa meet.  A social commentator in corkwood and paint….quirky and whimsical, playful and hopeful."

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Amorous, a youthful observer of life in all its tumult and turbulence, beauty and bafflement, carries the stories of teenage pregnancy and youthful crimes into the wood. A colourful vessel for his message, his characters have a voice, a personality, a presence.

The Businessman in suit, tie and village-made Shangaan tyre-sandals waits for a taxi alongside a lady in full traditional Tsonga dress and takkies talking loudly into her cell phone…and Rabbit-man, chasing money in the city of gold. In this time of crisis, the virus and its host are inextricably linked while the Doctor prays for divine intervention in the shadow of the skeletal spectre. Amorous, through his innocent eyes, has become a voice for his generation and a commentator on the world that shaped them. 

“My art work is about social issues in every-day life.  I love Art because it is inspiring people.” Amorous Maswanganyi 

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