Artist, Traditional Healer, Counsellor and Cultural Leader, David Murathi captures the real emotions and understanding of his context in his sculptures. His resonant voice and compassionate eyes see through the artifice and draw you closer. "I see you’, his heart whispers."

David connects deeply to his culture…the traditions, the myths, the symbols of the ancients weaving their way through a modern community.  A figure hewn from Bushwillow stretches towards fresh air high in the blue skies and away from the threat of Covid lurking behind.


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Eyes turned towards the heavens, the woman carved from Black Ivory prays for the pandemic to end. A woman, her skin a shining yellowwood, bows her head respectfully and offers a pot of traditional beer to an unseen husband or uncle.  Another bends into the rhythm of the Domba Dance, becoming the ribs of the python as her carved feet carry her forward.  

In the time of Corona, David has no income, no food for his family but he still keeps creating. David’s sculptures beckon you to their side to tell their story, to pass on the secrets, to enrich your understanding of the deep and ancient cultural rhythms of Venda.  

“From morning until night.. if I can’t work, I feel like I am sick.  We don’t have food, we don’t have money but I’m still working.” David Murathi

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