"Kenny Nonyana connects to the inner dialogues we all have – to our most hidden truths. Kenny’s characters, carved in wood, are achingly real and their inner turmoil is etched into their faces. Bumps, boils, humps and wounds are imperfections reflected on the body, not hidden below a smooth and shiny wooden skin."

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Kenneth’s work is raw and honest – he connects to the deepest feelings of pain and rejection…of not having a place in society. The grind of life is reflected in his technique of filling in gaps with glue and wood-filings leaving the finish rough and raw, an unrefined surface while other pieces have delicate patterning and nuanced textures.  Shadows play across the tortured face of a mother forcing her child to wash his hands against Corona while an old woman in Leadwood buckles under the heavy burden of the disease. Even the Kiaat couple embody the trauma… fearing infection, he refuses a kiss from his wife. 

Covid-19 has impacted on his day-to-day life; his income and his prospects for the future but his voice is resonant and full of resolve.  Life may be a struggle, but Kenneth’s characters stand tall, they are survivors, just like their artist-creator. 

“There is nothing impossible in life.. everything is possible.  I have struggled a lot doing Art but wood connects you to your inner life, even telling the story about your roots.” Kenneth Nonyana

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