Patrick Manyike is a modern prophet, the new voice of the Ribola Art Route, the next Jackson Hlungwani.

He is a force, a stillpoint… the communicator of his culture and the dreams of those not yet born into it.  Patrick was called back to Mbokota village by a message that cut straight into his heart, a voice that would not be stilled until he took up his tools and started removing what was not necessary in a piece of wood…allowing the essence to emerge.  

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Patrick listens to every unique story and feels a heartbeat in each knotty piece…a rhythm taken up in every tap of his chisel, slowly revealing the story within. He is a patient man…centered…he has stepped into who he is by shrugging off everything that is not necessary in his own life…whatever is not part of his story.  A fish swims into the blue skies above two rivers, symbolizing the connection to a higher consciousness, the force of life and inspiration. 


In this time of Covid-19, Patrick depicts in Leadwood, the future of the world held in God’s hands.  We need the strength of an elephant now when we are hurting most, because God wants us to learn to love and nurture each other.  This juxtaposed with Adam and Eve caught in the act of temptation shows us where we go astray.  Patrick is watering the seed that was planted by the father of the Ribola Art Route, Jackson Hlungwani as his belief propels him forward – God is in everything, and Patrick is the vessel from which the story flows.

Do you see Me?...  “Sometimes the wood talks to me, sometimes I talk to the wood…. Sometimes I can ignore the piece of wood, not knowing what to do but when I put it somewhere, it still talks to me … ‘Can you see me?’ That’s how the wood communicates.  Art is Life.” Patrick Manyike

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