Pilato Bulala is a young inventor-artist who finds a unique and quirky use for the things we throw away.  He is playful… delighted to explore a creative collaboration with his material…to experience the joy of invention through this unique love story. 

Pilato has an eye for a sexy spanner or a zany piece of zinc.  He discovers a mystical bird in pistons, cutlery and bicycle chains and his imagination sees a traditional lady in a crank-shaft.  This young man, filled with passion and creativity, makes scraptures, purple polka-dot flying machines and beautiful delicate jewellery.  


He creates, he shapes, he makes steel sing. Shifting from using the fury-force of a panga to cut holes for windows in his VW car, he slowly learnt a skillful dance, the debonair partner of whirring wheels and spinning spanners.  At the scrapyard, he climbs the mountain of waste… hearing an exhaust pipe calling ‘take me… I can be a lady selling African beer.’  He says, ‘I feel like it’s Christmas because everything is amazing.’ And now, in the times of  the pandemic, masked people do the elbow-bump greeting;  a doctor pulls himself forward dragging a spiky Corona ball and humanity stands helpless as Covid tips the scales against the Economy.

The power of Pilato’s imagination coaxes collaboration from iron and steel, transforming in his hands to something mythical and magical.  He can’t wait for visitors to return so he can share his inspiration with them but until then, he will connect across the miles through the universal message inherent in his art.

“I take inspiration from what is happening in the world.  When I see a piece of scrap, I think what it could be… I turn it into art, a form of recycling."Pilato Bulala


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